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I'm Ema -  a litvak, born and raised in Vilna in the 80s. I was raised not knowing I was a Jew because my parents and grandparents chose not to talk about it. However, my curious mind led me to discover it, and since then I can't stop learning new things about the rich Jewish history of my hometown. 

I got to realize that one of the purposes of my life is to share what I already know about my roots, and help others learn more about theirs. 

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  • university trained;

  • a native Vilna woman, a litvak;

  • fluent in English, Russian and Lithuanian;

  • thorough knowledge of Jewish history and culture in Vilnius;

  • available for private tours for up to 4 people.

Your special wishes will be taken into consideration, all at a reasonable fee.


The tours which I offer are unique experiences and are delivered directly by me. During the tour I also share my own personal experience of growing up as a Jew in post-soviet Vilnius.​

To all this I can only add that I’ll make your Vilnius visit the highlight of your European tour.

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